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About the Kyo-Yuzen Workshop

About the Kyo-Yuzen Workshop

Q. How long does the workshop take?

A. Although it depends on the item you will choose for the workshop, most customers finish in about 1 to 1,5 hours (for the Beginner’s Course).

Q. I don’t have much time, so what is the least amount of time needed for the workshop?

A. Usually the workshop takes about 1 to 1,5 hours, but you can shorten the time by choosing less stencils and choosing simpler designs. We still believe about 45 minutes are needed at least, including explanations. If possible, we recommend doing the workshop when you can enjoy it without feeling rushed.

Q. Can I take the finished item home the same day?

A. The paint dye used in the workshop dries very quickly, so you can bring home the finished product the same day.However, fans and coin purses will have to assembled after dyeing, so they will be sent after 1~2 months (only within Japan).

Q. From what age can you join the workshop?

A. Young children (pre-school age and early elementary school age) can join the experience with their parents. From late elementary school age, the children are able to join the workshop by themselves. Our staff is more than happy to assist, so feel free to come by and join a workshop.

Q. Is it okay for my child to join the workshop and us parents just watch?

A. This is okay.

Q. Can I do the workshop in English?

A. In small groups, we have workshops with simple English, gestures and explanations written in English. For big groups (like tour groups or school trips), we recommend having an interpreter. We don’t have an interpreter available, so please make arrangements by yourself.

Q. What are popular items for the workshop?

A. For school trips, the most popular items are the handkerchief, tote bag and fan. For regular customers, the most popular items are the pencil case, furoshiki, tumbler and drawstring bag.

Q. Can I choose two items?

A. Yes, you can choose two items as well.

Q. When attending the workshop as a group, can everyone choose a different item?

A. In general, it is okay if there are some different items, but take into consideration that the more different items there are, the explanation will become longer and complicated. (Up to 2 or 3 different items in big groups is preferred)

Q. It says I can choose stencils, but what kind of stencils do you have and how many?

A. We have many different stencils like flowers, animals, fish, words and Kyoto-style designs and we have more than 3000 stencils.

Q. What stencils are popular?

A. Popular stencils are designs common in Yuzen, like sakura, plums, morning glory, autumn flowers, camellias and seasonal flowers. Other popular designs include rabbits, goldfish, words (kanji) and much more.

Q. I have no imagination or creativity at all, I am worried I can’t make something nice.

A. At our workshop you will use stencils to create your own work and you can follow the fairly easy instructions to dye, so you have nothing to worry about. We are sure you can make something beautiful with our easy to follow instructions.

Q. I would like to do a Kyo-Yuzen workshop after learning how to wrap furoshiki, is that possible?

A. Let us know at the time of your booking you would like to do both. We have one workshop where there is a 30 minute class on how to wrap furoshiki and a 30 minute workshop where you can decorate your own furoshiki. Please check the furoshiki wrapping workshop details for more information.

Q. What kind of dye do you use?

A. It is a mixture of chemical pigment (dye) and a kind of paste called binder. The binder paste bonds the pigment (dye) to the fabric when heat is applied.

Q. Can I wash my finished item? I am worried the colors will wash out.

A. The dye used is designed to be fixed when heat is applied. After returning home, please iron your item. (For polyester, set the temperature to low. For cotton, use medium. For hemp, use high.) Use the dry setting on your iron for all material, use an extra cloth between your item and the iron and iron your item for at least 30 seconds.

Q. Can I try painting by hand (hand-painted Yuzen)?

A. We have brushes to paint by hand, but this is quite difficult. We recommend using the stencils and we are sure you can find a design to your liking. To dye by hand uses different techniques: you will use big and small brushes and directly apply dye within lines and frames drawn on the fabric. The technique used in our workshops is slightly different, since we use stencils.

Q. What is the difference with hand-painted Yuzen?

A. Hand-painted Yuzen is the original Yuzen dyeing and the process from sketch to dyeing and finishing is all done by hand and doesn’t involve stencils. What you can experience at our workshop is “Surikomi Yuzen”, which translates to dyeing with stencils. This makes it easier to dye patterns compared to doing everything by hand.

Q.At the end, I would like to insert my name, is that possible?

A. We don’t have stencils with names, but we do have stencils with letters, including the alphabet, hiragana and katana. We have also have a stencil that will make your letter look like a seal. Even though it is more difficult, we also have small brushes so you can hand paint your name on your item.

Q. Can I paint my name on a furoshiki?

A. We have hiragana, katakana and alphabet stencils, so you can insert your name like that We have also have a stencil that will your letter look like a seal. For a fee, we can insert your name for you. Please ask our staff for more information. *Depending on the number of products and how congested the day is, it could take some time.

Q. Can I bring my own T-shirt, jeans, or piece of fabric to decorate them with stencils?

A. Although it might not be possible to dye certain fabrics due to special surface treatment, it should be possible for most fabrics to be dyed. Please ask our staff about the fee when bringing your own item.

Q. Should I bring my own apron or writing utensils?

A. We have all the tools needed for the workshop. Aprons will be provided, although if you are careful, an apron won’t be necessary. You won’t need any writing utensils during the workshop.

Q. Will my hands and clothes get dirty?

A. If you are careful, maybe only a little bit of dye will get on your hands. You can easily remove the dye from your hand with water. (Unfortunately, if the dye comes in contact with your clothes, it won’t come off easily).

Q. Can I do the workshop in my school uniform or in a kimono?

A. If you take care, it is unlikely dye will get on your clothes, Many customers come to the workshop in their school uniform or kimono. We have aprons available if you are worried, so please let us know.

Q. Can I take pictures inside the workshop?

A. It is okay to take pictures inside the workshop. Please make sure not to inconvenience other customers.

Q. If I become hungry during the workshop, can I take a break and leave temporarily?

A. Due to the dye and brushes drying out after a long time, we do no recommend long breaks. If you have a long workshop (for example the Kyo-Yuzen Intermediate to Advanced course), please take a break when it feels appropriate.

Q. Will the workshop be taught by a traditional craftsman?

A. Yoshio Nishimura, a traditional craftsman, often teaches workshops, but due to other obligations, he might not be able to teach. In that case, another staff member will teach the workshop. If you would like to be taught by taught by a traditional craftsman, please contact us in advance.

About the venue

Q. Is the venue only for groups?

A. In general, other customers and regular customers will be present as well. Depending on the size of the group, one group can be in one room. Please contact us in advance.

Q. Is it possible to attend the workshop with a wheelchair?

A. This is possible on the first floor. We will lead you through the back entrance, since the front entrance has many stepping stones. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Q. We would like to do a workshop as a group, can everyone be in the same room?

A. We have several rooms available, we have one room where up to 60 people can do the workshop at the same time. There is a possibility groups might be divided over different rooms, depending on availability, crowdedness or items chosen. We will try to have the workshop in the same room as much as possible. If you have any requests about room allocation, please contact us in advance.

Q. In what rooms can the Kyo-Yuzen workshop be held?

A. There are a total of 5 different rooms, on the first and second floor. The main room used for the workshop is the workshop studio.

Q. Can the rooms be divided according to classrooms or busses?

A. If you are coming to us during a school trip or a tour group, we will try our best to arrange rooms according to class, group or bus, according to your wishes. However, please take into consideration we might not be able to adhere to your requests due to congestion (during peak hours or peak season).

About the venue

About the fan and coin purse’s assembling and shipping

Q. It says the fan and coin purse will be sent at a later date, after being assembled. How much will the shipping cost be? How long before it will be sent?

A. The shipping fee is included in the fee for the fan and coin purse, a separate fee won’t be calculated. It usually takes about 1~2 months to be sent, although it could longer for the fan in summer (June~August) when it is more crowded. If your item is needed by a certain date, please let the staff know and we will see what is possible.

Q. Is it possible to have the assembled fan and coin purse sent abroad?

A. We unfortunately don’t send any items abroad. As for the fans, we have some that have been assembled already, so you can dye these fans and take them home the same day.

Q. I have received a fan or coin purse that wasn’t made by me.

A. Our sincerest apologies. We check the list and name tag before shipping, but in rare cases, it can happen. Please contact us immediately if this is the case and we will look for your item.

About the fan and coin purse’s assembling and shipping

About reservations

Q. A reservation is required, but how many days in advance can I make a reservation?

A. Through our webpage or e-mail, you can reserve up to three days in advance. Same day reservations can be done by phone. Our venue can hold up to 250 people, but during peak seasons (when school trips and tour groups visit), it is recommend to make a reservation early, especially if it’s a large group.

Q. What days is the venue closed?

A. The venue will only close for the New Year holidays, from January first until the third. Our workshop is open all other days of the year.

Q. Is there a set time when workshops start?

A. You can start the Kyo-Yuzen course anytime you would like. For the other courses, there are set start times, please see the course details for more information.

Q. I think I will be late.

A. The reservation time isn’t very strict, so if you run a few minutes late, that is okay. If you think you will be very late, please let us know. A reminder that final admission is at 17:00, so please make sure to call us if you will run late.

Q. I don’t know what time I can start the workshop until the day off my reservation.

A. You can let us know the day of your reservation by telephone when you know the approximate arrival time. When making a reservation online, you will be asked about your arrival time. This is just a guideline, so it is okay to be earlier or later.

Q. I am suddenly not able to attend the workshop.

A. If possible, please contact us if you won’t be able to make it. Rest assured, there is no cancellation fee.

Q. Can I decide on the day of the workshop what item to choose?

A. Yes, this is okay. However, if it is a large group (like a school trip or tour group), it s preferable to let us know the item in advance to make sure there is enough stock of all items. In addition, it usually takes customers a while before choosing an item, this will take away from the workshop time.

Q. Can I do a workshop by myself?

A. This is possible, feel free to make a reservation.

Q. We want to come with a group, is this possible?

A. Up to 250 people can do the workshop at the same time, so it is possible to come in a group.

Q. Can we come for a work trip?

A. Every year, many companies come and do a workshop for a fun time. In addition to school trips, you can use it for PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) parties or work parties.

Q. Can we preview a workshop?

A. When making a reservation as a group (especially for school trips), it is always possible to come by and preview a workshop. At the time of the preview, we can discuss details of the workshop, such as date, time and item, and if there is time, you can try the workshop yourself. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Is it absolutely necessary to make a reservation?

A. Small groups (2 or 3 people) can often come for a workshop without a reservation. However, to make sure we have space available, even for same day reservations, please contact us in advance.

Q. Until what time are reservations and inquiries accepted?

A. Calls are accepted during business hours, so between 9:00~18:00. If you contact us outside of business hours, we won’t always be able to accept calls or attend to your inquiries. We ask for your understanding.

Q. I made a reservation through the website, but I haven’t received a confirmation.

A. A confirmation email will usually be send within three days. There is a possibility it was sorted as junk mail, or the email doesn’t allow unknown senders. Our apologies, but please contact us if a confirmation email hasn’t arrived after three days.

Q. Can travel agencies apply and reserve as well?

A. Many travel agencies book workshops with us. Please ask the travel agency for more information.

About reservations

About fees and payments

Q. Is there a separate fee for the item and the workshop?

A. All prices include the workshop fee and taxes. Prices differ for each item, so please check the price list.

Q. Are there coupons I can use?

A. We may offer discounts or small gifts sometimes with certain magazines or projects.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?

A. There is no cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.

Q. Is there a group rate?

A. Unfortunately, there is no group discount, as we charge the same price for one person as well.

Q. When coming with a group, is it preferred to pay as a group or each person separately?

A. It is possible for each person to pay separately, although it is preferred to pay together as a group. We kindly ask for your cooperation.

About fees and payments

About Kyomachiya MAYU

Q. Can I buy souvenirs here?

A. The shop, which is attached to the workshop, sells a variety of miscellaneous Japanese goods, mainly original products, so they can be perfectly used as souvenirs.

Q. Are all products sold at the shop made at the workshop studio?

A. Our shop MAYU sells coin purses, furoshiki, and many other kids of products. Not all are made in the workshop studio, but many original items have been hand-dyed here at the workshop studio.

Q. I want to check out the MAHORA gallery, is that possible?

A. Visits are accepted at any time. Please contact us beforehand about a day and time.

Q. Is there a space for customers to take a break?

A. In the inner courtyard, there is a bench which customers are free to use.

Q. Where and how many toilets are there?

A. There is one restroom for men and two restrooms for women. You can find the restrooms in the inner courtyard and along the narrow alleyway.

Q. Is smoking allowed on the premises?

A. Smoking inside the building is not allowed. Please use the inner courtyard.

Q. Is it possible to just check out the venue?

A. Yes, you can visit anytime.

Q. Is there bicycle parking?

A. It is possible to park the bicycle in the inner courtyard. Please refrain from parking the bicycle on the street, since it could inconvenience other people and traffic.

Q. How will I recognize the shop?

A. When you turn into Ogawa-dori from Oike-dori, you can see a big white banner with a red logo.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. It is possible to bring your pet, but please be careful not to inconvenience other customers. In addition, please try not to enter the workshop studio with your pet, try to leave them outside the workshop as much as possible.

Q. It asks for my phone number in the reservation form, but I would prefer not to put down my phone number.

A. Your phone number will only be used in case of emergencies, for example when you have forgotten something. We kindly ask for your cooperation.

About Kyomachiya MAYU

About directions

Q. I was thinking of going by car. Is there parking available?

A. Unfortunately, we don’t have any parking available. Please use one of the paid parking lots available close by. You can ask our staff for more information or take a look at the access map.

Q. Is there parking available for tour busses?

A. Unfortunately, there is no parking available for tour busses. Busses can stop on Oike-dori and it is only a short walk from there to our workshop. In addition, There is a section on Oike-dori where tours busses are allowed to park for one hour, as long as the driver is on board.

Q. What is the address I can input in the navigation system?

A. Most car navigation systems won’t let you input street names in Kyoto, so the navigation likely won’t find “Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Ogawa Oike-dori kudaru”. Please search for “Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Tsuboya-cho” or “Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Tsuboya-cho 446”. There are three Tsuboya-cho in Kyoto, make sure you choose Tsuboya-cho 4.

Q. I want to take a taxi to go to Marumasu Nishimuraya, what should I tell the taxi driver?

A. Please tell the taxi driver “Ogawa-dori, Oikekudaru”.

Q. Is it within walking distance from Nijo Castle or the Kyoto Imperial Palace?

A. From Nijo Castle it is about a five to ten minute walk. From the Kyoto Imperial Palace, it is about 20~30 minutes walking.

Q. How can I get to Marumasu Nishimuraya from Kyoto Station?

A. You can use the subway, bus or taxi. They all take about 30 minutes.By subway, please get off at Karasuma-Oike Station (on the Karasuma line, which is green), take exit 4-1 and from there it will be a seven minute walk to the west.By bus, please get off at the Horikawa-Oike stop (take bus 9, 12, 50, or 67) and from there it is a 5 minute walk east. By taxi, please tell the taxi driver “Ogawa-dori, Oikekudaru”.

About directions

Other Questions

Q. I’d like to ask something that isn’t listed here.

A. Please feel free to call us or e-mail us.

Q. What is hemp?

A. Hemp is the general term for the fibers obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp is so called “bast fibre” which means it’s one of the natural fibers derived from the stems of plants such as flax and jute.

Q. What is chirimen?

A. Chirimen is a traditional Japanese fabric (often silk, but also wool or synthetic fiber can be used), which in English is called crepe textile. It is a woven fabric that during the weaving process keeps the weft thread tighter than the warp thread. That gives the fabric unique fine wrinkles on the surface (the bubble wrap like texture) and therefore a smooth and pleasant texture. Since this fabric is heat sensitive, iron it on a low temperature. In addition, do not wash these materials, as they will shrink when soaked in water and they will not return to the original state.

Other Questions
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