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Move your finger one by one.

With Kyo-Yu Zen Sashiko, you can enjoy the colorful colors at home.


A sashiko that embroiders a line on an indigo cloth with white thread.

It is a traditional handicraft technique that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times.

Slowly take time one by one to stab a fine pattern on one side with a thread.


Seasonal flowers that bloom lively, elegant employment patterns and Gosho-kaimi patterns, traditional Japanese patterns with meanings in each. Marumasu Nishimuraya's SASHIKO series is a unique original product of sashiko with the motif of Kyoyuzen pattern.


The set also includes all the white threads and needles for sashiko, so you can start as soon as you receive it.

Even beginners can easily enjoy sashiko just by sticking it according to the sketch print.

It is also recommended to partially use your favorite colored thread.

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