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Seasonal flowers that bloom lively, elegant employment patterns and Gosho-kaimi patterns, traditional Japanese patterns with meanings in each. Marumasu Nishimuraya's SASHIKO series is a unique original product of sashiko with the motif of Kyoyuzen pattern.

The set also includes all the white threads and needles for sashiko, so you can start as soon as you receive it.

Even beginners can easily enjoy sashiko just by sticking it according to the sketch print.

Everything is tailored so you can use it right after it's finished.

Sashiko purse

  • Set contents: Pre-printed item, Sashiko white thread x 1, Sashiko needle x 1, Instruction manual


    Size 24 cm long x 20 cm wide 


    The price is tax-included.


    Each item is dyed by hand, so everything is unique. Please note that color unevenness may be seen, but it is not a defect.

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