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Gamaguchi is a traditional Kyoto motif designed and dyed in a modern style. There are "Hana" with gold and silver prints on a black background and "Aya" with a fun combination of colorful colors. Feel free to insert coins and small items.

The name "Gamaguchi" comes from the fact that its open mouth resembles a toad. It is said that "the money you put out will return (frog)", and it is also popular as a lucky charm.

kotokoto flower tiger

  • Kurama-dera tiger

    Since Bishamonten appeared at the time of the tiger, the month of the tiger in the year of the tiger, a tiger is set up at Kurama-dera because of the fact that he used the tiger to land on the mountain of Kurama. It is also known that there is a tiger called "Aun no Tora".


    Size length 11 cm x width 12 cm 


    Outer material: Cotton metal fittings: Nickel


    The price is tax-included.


    Each item is dyed by hand, so everything is unique. Please note that color unevenness may be seen, but it is not a defect.

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