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Gamaguchi is a traditional Kyoto motif designed and dyed in a modern style. There are "Hana" with gold and silver prints on a black background and "Aya" with a fun combination of colorful colors. Feel free to insert coins and small items.

The name "Gamaguchi" comes from the fact that its open mouth resembles a toad. It is said that "the money you put out will return (frog)", and it is also popular as a lucky charm.

kotokoto flower pouch wild boar

  • Wild boar at Goo Shrine

    The "Goou Shrine" near the Kyoto Imperial Palace is called the Wild Boar Shrine. It is named after the fact that Wake no Kiyomaro, who blocked the plot of the monk Dokyo who tried to take the position of the emperor, became able to walk with the protection of the wild boar even though he was cut off by the Dokyo.


    Size length 12 cm x width 17.5 cm 


    Outer material: Cotton metal fittings: Nickel


    The price is tax-included.


    Each item is dyed by hand, so everything is unique. Please note that color unevenness may be seen, but it is not a defect.

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